How to create an APK from PWA?

21 Junio 2020 »
  • Has PWA all ready Important!

  • Install llama pack dependencies

  • OpenJDK 8 Download and uncompress it on ~/.java/ directory

    tar xf ./openJDK-jdk.tar.gz -C ~/.java/
    tar xf ./openJDK-jre.tar.gz -C ~/.java/

    Optional Setup enviroment variable.

    echo "export JAVA_HOME=\"/home/luis/.java/OpenJDK8U-jdk_xxx/jdk8u242-xxx\" >> ~/.bashrc"

    Close all terminals for changes to take effect

  • Android command line tools Search section command line tools only Download and uncompress it on ~/Android/sdk/

    unzip ./ -d ~/Android/sdk/
  • Install llama-pack cli

    npm i -g @llama-pack/cli
  • Execute llama-pack

Provide manifest.json url or manifest.webmanifest file

llama-pack init --manifest

Answer questions about twa

Domain being opened in the TWA:
Name of the application:

In keystore let’s press enter then it asks you about create a key store

First and Last names (eg: John Doe): Luis Reinoso
Organizational Unit (eg: Engineering Dept): Developer
Organization (eg: Company Name): Freenlance
Country (2 letter code): EC
// use the same password
Password for the Key Store: [hidden]
Password for the Key: [hidden]
  • Upload private key to google play console

  • Create asset link Using package fingerprint (SHA256) inside app sign go to Google Digital Asset Links

This will create a json then create a file named assetlinks.json and serve it from

Useful Checker

  • Build apk

    llama-pack build

This generate the app-release-signed.apk

  • Upload to play store
  • Fill all data required from play store